Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker Quickstart : Open Source Version

GraphAware has a great blog post that shows you how to quickly get started with Neo4j Enterprise causal clustering using docker.

The docker-compose.yml file they use for this post uses the official Neo4j Enterprise docker image.

This may be a problem for you as Neo4j’s official docker images use the commercial license and requires you to accept a license agreement which includes the following statement:

Use of this Software without a proper commercial license
with Neo4j Inc. or its affiliates is prohibited.

I simply forked the quick start GitHub repository and updated the docker-compose.yml file to use the free open source binaries that we compile from the official Neo4j GitHub repository for US government agencies.

docker compose diff.png

Simply use this docker-compose.yml instead of the one referenced in the article and you are good to go!

Checkout the GraphAware blog for more great posts.

I would like to point out that my company iGov Inc, does not have any relationship with Neo4j Inc or GraphAware.

Enjoy the post!

Here is the link to the causal clustering docker post. https://graphaware.com/neo4j/2018/01/03/casual-cluster-quickstart.html

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