Author: John Mark

Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker Quickstart : Open Source Version

GraphAware has a great blog post that shows you how to quickly get started with Neo4j Enterprise causal clustering using docker. The docker-compose.yml file they use for this post uses the official Neo4j Enterprise docker image. This may be a problem for you as

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Neo4j Enterprise Commercial Prices

Are you looking to get your hands on actual Neo4j Enterprise commercial pricing information? If so, this post is for you. Neo4j Inc keeps it’s pricing information under close guard and only releases it under the close 'guidance' of a sales person. To

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Neo4j 3.3.0 is out, but where are the open source enterprise binaries?

Neo4j Enterprise is still open source under it’s AGPLv3 license. However you may have noticed that you can no longer build the enterprise package binary from the source code or download the enterprise package binary with it’s free AGPLv3 license from

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